The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health


When it comes to jump rope, most of us think of that toy that kids fight over in the playground. However, it is far from being reserved for children, because its use is part of a healthy and intensive sporting practice.

The jump rope is thus a full-fledged fitness and bodybuilding instrument. But how can such a simple instrument be so popular in sports? More importantly, does it have real benefits for the body?

We are interested in these questions, and will make you discover the advantages of this accessory.

We will see its effects on health, before detailing the best sports programs that involve its use. You will finally discover our selection of skipping ropes.

What are the benefits of skipping rope?

This accessory is intended to be accessible to all. Top athletes have long recognized its potential.

Today, the practice of skipping rope is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle, but also to intensify the exercises of experienced athletes.

The exercises you do with a rope are complete, and work the whole body. Tonicity, muscle power, weight loss… there would be nothing that this accessory could not do.

We can thus affirm that its assets are not limited to the ease of its handling.

So, the jump rope is an exercise that targets every part of your body, for a hard workout. Its action first feels an important work on the legs, feet, and knees. Yet it is the entire body that is called upon.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

Jump rope and muscle work

The jump rope initiates muscular work that will be both intense and efficient. From the first session, the toning of the muscles of the lower body can be observed.

It is a fact that remains proven, whether you are new to the sport, or whether you are a confirmed athlete.

The upper body is also used, and takes advantage of the rebounds caused to maintain the abdominal strap. The practice is ideal for optimizing the sheathing, improving balance, or simply helping the appearance of the abdominals.


It is accessible to beginners. You don’t have to be a great athlete to start jumping rope. The tool is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their physical activity, or slowly resume sport.

An intense and fun activity

Although it is known for its intensity, the jump rope will meet the needs of subjects who are not used to sports. It is one of the only cardio-fitness tools that can be used at their own pace, without pressure.

This accessibility largely explains the popularity of the jump rope, as it can be adopted perfectly at any age. The ease of handling and also an important clue.


A generalized action bodybuilding tool. If it is generally associated with cardio-fitness, the jump rope also takes on the function of a bodybuilding tool. The repetitions, causing permanent contractions, make it possible to refine and develop the muscles.

This particularity explains why the jump rope is essential in many disciplines. Whether in boxing, basketball or football, the instrument is used to boost the muscles of the legs, abdomen, and wrist.

More and more athletes today prefer it to classic abdominal sessions, because it would allow you to target several goals in a few minutes.


The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

A tool to regain balance

Jumping may seem like the easiest exercise you have to do, until you have to use a jump rope. The vast majority of people who start using it are amazed at how difficult the exercises are.

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At the beginning, it is obviously only a question of jumping with both feet, at a more or less sustained pace. As you become more comfortable with the jump rope, it will be possible to increase the pace or the time spent on the exercises.

These can also be diversified to bring challenge to your sessions. It is usually at this stage that beginners realize their lack of balance.

The adjustment period during which you learn to tune your movements and find your balance will be an exercise in itself. The jump rope thus allows you to develop reflexes, to make you more responsive.

Combine efforts and results

We have already mentioned it: the jump rope is an instrument that athletes adopt for the performance it allows to achieve. Practiced at high speed, a 15-minute session offers the same results as a 30-minute jog.

The difference is impressive, because the jump rope manages to spend much more energy over a controlled period.

So it’s a great cardiovascular exercise, which can get your heart used to exercising again, without forcing it to outdo itself right away.

This intensity also implies a supervised use of the jump rope. It is therefore recommended to confine the sessions to less than 30 min per day. Great athletes can possibly do more, if a medical report allows it.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

The jump rope for better health

Effective for developing endurance. Not everyone is cut out for endurance sports. The jump rope allows you to start slowly towards new sporting perspectives, and to push your limits.

Ultimately, the practice of skipping rope allows you to have better endurance. The body develops a habit that gradually helps it to become more efficient. The cardiac and respiratory faculties are boosted, and improve in a short time.

Also remember that the jump rope will teach you to control your breathing. The exercises would help to synchronize the breath with the movements, so that the results are optimized, and the fatigue managed.

It improves blood circulation. A regular practice of the jump rope would have positive effects on the circulatory system. This benefit is directly linked to the increase in cardiac activity.

The arteries are gradually unblocked, resulting in general improvement in health. The practice of skipping rope would reduce the risk of heart attacks and other infarctions.

The anti-stress par excellence

A stress reducer. While no scientific evidence can confirm the fact, skipping rope is widely known to reduce and prevent stress. By activating the body, it would get rid of tension.

The skipping rope would also boost brain activity, directly influencing abilities and quality of life.

Convenient to eliminate calories and toxins. Intensity of physical activity is great for getting rid of toxins and empty calories. Rather than letting them accumulate in the body, the jump rope offers you to get rid of them quickly.

Through sweating and breathing, you could expel a large amount of toxins and other unnecessary calories. The effect on the body would be much faster than that seen on softer cardio training sessions.

The exercises are also more fun than the classic practices. Experimenting with new combinations on the jump rope allows you not to get bored, and to launch new challenges to eliminate even more calories.

Jump rope: effective for weight loss?

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

We see it more and more often: sports coaches recommend skipping rope to lose weight. The general stress of the body, as well as the significant energy expenditure, lead irremediably to weight loss.

It is possible to affirm that this sport is effective in refining the silhouette. The promise is quite simply to “lose weight without suffering”. Before attacking the muscles, the rebounds aim at the work of the fatty masses.

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Regular and sustained use of the jump rope promotes weight loss by initiating high calorie expenditure.

The perspiration objective remains accessible and adaptable to all profiles. The arms, wrists, trapezius, stomach, thighs, saddlebags… nothing is forgotten.

How to proceed ?

Short sessions of jumping rope would be more effective than morning hours of running. It would thus suffice 3 to 5 sessions of 15 min per week to observe a real “melting” of adipose tissue. However, it is necessary to focus on the intensity of the exercises to obtain these results.

Also note that the only practice of this sport will not have a miracle effect. Weight loss by skipping rope is only possible as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

You should therefore not expect a miracle if you do not adapt your diet and your lifestyle.

When the rules of use are followed, the results obtained with the jump rope are impressive. It would thus be possible to lose 1kg per week, and achieve a slimming goal in just a few months.

This link will show you the effects of a regular practice

The result is quite striking.

The best sports programs with a skipping rope

The web is full of training programs including the use of a jump rope. The possibilities are endless, and specialized platforms have not shied away from developing their own training methods.

In all, dozens of sports plans are put forward on more or less reliable sites. We have made a selection of the best sports and crossfit programs for losing weight with a jump rope.

Le programme all jumping rope

The simplest and most practical program is one that combines several jump rope exercises.

All jumping rope is quite simply a compendium of several variations of the exercise. It takes place in several stages, and involves hardering the tight stomach.

The posture lowers the shoulders aligns the head with the spine, and brings the elbows closer to the body. The relaxation step is the simplest, and consists of moving slowly by taking small more or less rapid steps while activating the rope.

This program continues with:

  • The full twister: jump with both feet at a moderate speed, synchronizing the breath on the jump
  • The running step: performing jogging steps while including the movement of the accessory

The session will vary from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your resistance, and your ability to vary the rhythms. Beginner athletes will start by not exceeding 15 minutes, and can increase this duration as they progress.

This video will give you an idea of ​​what you can do on this kind of program

The bodyweight program

This second alternative is aimed at muscle development, and you may therefore be suitable if you need to eliminate fat masses without losing tone. Here, it will be 15 minutes of full twister that will precede the weight training exercises.

The practice targets major muscles, using only your body weight. The alternative may be of interest to those who exercise at home. If it is not necessary to have equipment, special bodyweight bands are essential.

You will understand: this program is not really made for weight loss, and will be aimed more at people looking to expand their build. It can, however, help refine certain areas that are difficult to work with with conventional exercises.

The crossfit program

The last alternative we have chosen is the crossfit skipping rope program, which will both activate the elimination of extra pounds, while maintaining the muscles.

This solution allows you to target the refinement, and while building you a toned and dynamic body.

The crossfit program coupled with a jump rope includes:

  • 50 seconds of jumps, with 10 second intervals of rest
  • 50 second floor or barbell superset
  • A set of 50 seconds of arm rotations with dumbbells, with 10 to 15 seconds of rest
  • Resumption of the jump rope for 50 seconds + 10 rest
  • A set of dips on bench over 50 seconds + 10 rest
  • Repeat jump rope for 50 seconds + 10 rest
  • Set of 50 seconds of squat with dumbbells + pause of 10 seconds
  • Resumption of the jump rope for 50 seconds + 10 rest
  • A 50 second set of plank with a 10 second rest
  • Last 50-second set of jumps, with 10-second rest intervals
  • A set of step ups and bars over 50 seconds
  • Cooldown exercises for a smooth finish
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Our review of the best skipping ropes

Our article would not be relevant if we did not offer you to discover a selection of the best skipping ropes. Here are 4 that stood out from the crowd.

Le jump skipping rope de Gritin

The first model is the Gritin jump skipping rope. Its look is resolutely sporty, with black and green colors, very slightly enhanced with white.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

The Gritin jump skipping rope is a skipping rope that plays on comfort by opting for non-slip handles.

These sleeves are flexible, just like the PVC coated steel rope. The handles of this model have a shape memory that will adjust to handling. The suit is stable, light, and has an adjustable length.


  • Comfortable use
  • 360 ° rolling balls
  • Non-slip shape memory handles
  • Ogologo ngbanwe

Lelee ọnụahịa

Nasharia’s jump rope

The Nasharia brand also offers a black jump rope. The design difference with the Gritin model is however noticeable, because our second reference opts for gray handles, marked by orange lines.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

The prototype is also armed with non-slip handles. The adjustable cable is also made of strong steel, with a PVC overlay. The manufacturer presents his ball bearing as a high quality criterion for users eager for precision.


  • Egwuregwu ergonomic
  • Akwa mma ibu
  • Lightweight and resistant rope
  • Recommended design for cardio training

Ihe mgbakasị ahụ

  • Quite large handles

Lelee ọnụahịa

Balala’s crossfit jump rope

In a much more colorful spirit, Balala highlights a sparkling crossfit instrument. Like its competitors, this rope adopts an adjustable length cable. It incorporates a jump counter, practical for tracking the number of repetitions performed.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

Balala marks its difference by opting for an eco-friendly composition. The foam is combined with NPR to make an eco-friendly jump rope that is easy to handle. This prototype is a family model that is suitable for parents as well as children.


  • Ecological composition
  • Easy to maintain foam
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Adjustable cable

Ihe mgbakasị ahụ

  • Design that does not suit everyone

Lelee ọnụahịa

The speed rope of Beast Gear

The last jump rope is the speed rope from Beast Gear. The accessory takes on a look that is both elegant and very urban. Once again, the manufacturer favors the steel cable, coated with a thin layer of plastic protection.

The jump rope: lose weight and develop your cardio (+ the best programs) – Happiness and health

The speed rope has sleeves that are more imposing than the rope, on which the ergonomics are studied. Suitable for crossfit, this model comes with a storage bag that simplifies transport and maintenance.


  • A dedicated storage bag
  • Practical and elegant design
  • Thin and resistant rope
  • Nha ngbanwe

Lelee ọnụahịa

Nkwubi okwu anyị

The skipping rope has undeniable advantages: losing weight, building muscle, boosting respiratory and cardiac capacities … this accessory gives new training possibilities for those who shy away from classic cardio exercises.

Very easy to use, it adapts to several sports practices, and can easily be integrated into a program.

Today considered the ultimate slimming tool, it has long convinced top athletes, many of whom have adopted it.

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